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Established in 1881, the Boston Camera Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of photography as an art and science.

Club activities are held throughout the year while regular weekly meetings are on Tuesday evenings from September through June at 7pm.

Programs are planned to interest all photographers, from beginners to skilled artisans. Guests and prospective members are welcome at any of the club's meetings.

CURRENTLY MEETING ON ZOOM for 2021-2022 until we can meet again in person at
All Saints Parish Church, 1773 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02445 (map) .

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The Boston Camera Club is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

This ARTICLE on PetaPixel, the photography website, describes why you should join a camera club.


 Upcoming Events & Announcements

  • Virtual Meetings: Boston Camera Club meets online Tuesdays 7-9pm at this link:  Zoom Meeting  (for members only). Yearly schedule of events: 2021-2022 Year Calendar View. PLEASE NOTE MEETINGS ARE REMOTE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.  Calendar is subject to changes.

  • June 21st - Photo Critique - Eli Hollander eli@ucsc.edu          

  • The NECCC 75th Annual Conference is open for registration.  See below for more information.

  • BCC member only Facebook - This site is to enable members to connect with each other informally. Highlight upcoming events that might make good photo ops, classes or webinars that might be of interest to members, let others know you'll be going to shoot at a location in case anyone else is interested, etc.   Please register at https://www.facebook.com/groups/394316185959307/?ref=share


Photo by Francis Blake, 19th century BCC member.

 One of the 12 images by prominent BCC members to be displayed at the Past and Present exhibit along with current members' work. See below for more details.


















Now on display at the Wellesley Public Library through June 25!

In celebration of the Boston Camera Club’s 140th anniversary, the Boston Camera Club presents Past and Present at the Wellesley Free Library, 530 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA, from June 1 – 25, 2022.
The opening reception - Tuesday, June 14 at 7 pm, the Slide show is available: (About us->Documents and Files to Download->Member Photo Exhibitions->Past & Present exhibition slide show)

Past & Present exhibit reception (bostoncameraclub.org)  pages 21-40

Past & Present exhibit reception (bostoncameraclub.org)  pages 41-60

Recording of the event is available at - https://youtu.be/dg5gfrVBHAY

Read the 15 Poems written by the Never Too Late to be a Poet — a Boston-based poetry group

The exhibition showcases 51 photographs from 31 ‘present’ BCC members that reference twelve ‘past’ photographs from the club’s archives or representing past and current honorary members, creating a visual dialog among photographers from different eras. The exhibition reveals both changes and continuity in how photographers depict our world and lives from the 1880s to 2022. Never Too Late To Be A Poet, a Boston-based poetry group, has written 15 poems referencing the exhibition’s past and present photographs. These poems will be accessible while viewing the exhibition. 
The 12 Honorary members and people represented from the club’s archival prints who have prints exhibited at the library.
Francis Blake, Jr. — Boston Camera Club Honorary Member
F. Holland Day 
Sarah J. Eddy
Harold “Doc” Edgerton — Boston Camera Club Honorary Member
Arthur Griffin
Lou Jones — current Boston Camera Club Honorary Member
P. Kudoyaroff
Frank R. Fraprie
Horace. A. Latimer
Alexander Niklitschek 
Emma D. Sewall
Bradford Washburn — Boston Camera Club Honorary Member 

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    Click here to download and read the current BCC Reflector newsletter. Keep up-to-date with the various club activities, competition results, photo exhibitions, club member's photo exhibits, photography tips and more.







Images of the Year

BCC members photo















NECCC Photography Conference

The 75th Anniversary NECCC Photography Conference is July 15-17 2022 in Amherst, MA.       

Note: The 75th this summer will be the last in-person Conference, we hope that you join us!

Register HERE for the NECCC Conference


BCC is a member of

    New England Camera Club Council (NECCC)        

  • The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC)  - read more
  • The Photographic Society of America -read more

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