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The Boston Camera Club has seven major programs that emphasize learning in all aspects of photography:

  • Latimer Print Competition
  • Model Studio
  • Photo Critique
  • Projected Image Competition
  • Photo Education
  • Member Presentations
  • Field Trips: scheduled through the year: Meetup site.

All the club’s programs are detailed on the web site’s Calendar.

Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings from the beginning of September until the beginning of June. Special workshops and/or other programs are scheduled throughout the year. Membership dues include participation in all regularly scheduled meetings, most workshops and special events.

Latimer Print Competition 
Members display photographic prints. Members in attendance vote on the submitted prints and ribbons are awarded to the winners. For each meeting, a judge, often a professional photographer, educator, or member of the New England Camera Club Council, offers constructive criticism on each entry. The evening often includes a presentation by the judge of his/her own work.

Projected Image Competition
Seven competitions per year. Images submitted electronically in advance are forwarded to the judge. On the meeting night, the images are projected onto a screen and the judge critiques the images and gives his/her score to the image. Ribbons are awarded to the images with the highest scores. The evening often includes a presentation by the judge of his/her own work.

Photo Education
Offers lectures and workshops on a wide variety of photographic subjects. Guest speakers are often invited to present these programs to the club. Members with a particular expertise may also lead a workshop or short education course during the year.

Model Studio
Sets up the meeting room as a photo studio with backdrops and lighting and arranges for different students from local modeling schools to be in attendance for the evening. The group provides helpful advice on indoor studio and lighting techniques.

Photo Critique
Members submit images for critique by a small group of other members. The group’s leader projects the images for everyone to review and uses Adobe Lightroom to demonstrate how to make recommended image improvements during post processing.

Member Presentation
Members show and discuss their work in themed presentations or a series of their own choosing.

Field Trips
Our Field Trips are managed through a BCC Meetup site. Members participate in these meetup field trips for free. To participate in one of the field trips, you must first register yourself in the BCC Meetup group. 

For more information about each of our programs, click on Club Programs.



  • The Reflector Newsletter — the club’s monthly newsletter.
    Read the current newsletter or browse past issues. The newsletter is emailed to club members upon publication.
  • The club’s Calendar
    Find detailed information about each of the club’s monthly events
  • The BCC Blog. Posts include:
    a. Members’ participation in photography exhibits
    b. Calls for Submissions to photography exhibitions
    c. Photography workshops, tours, and conferences and other educational opportunities
    d. Discounts and other special promotions from camera stores such as Hunt’s Video and Audio Photography and other photographic resources

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Please feel free to approach members to ask questions about any of the club’s programs — seek out members whose name tags display ASK ME. You can also send an email to members on the Executive Committee about the the programs they chair.





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