Member Presentations Program 

Members present up to 10 images.  Topics vary for each specific program, some are open to any topic / subject, others are themed.  Amount of time allocated allocated for each presentation depends on the number of members presenting.

Precedence will be given to members who have not presented their work before (if needed).

Images are submitted in the same place and method as for Competitions under the web site Competitions menu.

IMAGES MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A SEQUENCE USING SPECIAL FILE NAMES.  YOU MUST USE SQUARE BRACKETS WITH NUMBERS [ ] TO ORDER THE IMAGES. The system  considers a sequence of images as a single entry.  For instruction on how to name files to submit as a sequence click HERE.

THE FIRST IMAGE OF THE SEQUENCE SHOULD BE A NAMEPLATE showing the member's name.  There are several ways to create a nameplate image.  You can add a text line to a photo in Photoshop and export it as a jpeg.  If you use Lightroom you can export a photo using the Watermark feature in the export settings which allows you to put a line of text on the photo (it's usually used to create a copyright).

You can also create a pure text document in a program like Word and export it as a pdf. On a Mac computer you can open that pdf in Preview and save it as a jpeg to upload for the presentation as first image of your sequence. You can also use Acrobat (pdf reader) to export as a jpeg.  If you have questions about creating a nameplate image contact the organizer of the Member Presentation.

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