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July 2021
July 2021
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Reception - The Focused Eye: (1:00 PM EDT)
We are planning a reception for The Focused Eye: Our Unique Views photo banner exhibition on the Public Green at Fan Pier for Sunday, July 18 from 1-3pm. Rain date is July 25 at the same time.  Please save the date!  It will be a time to connect and re-connect with BCC members and to meet the artists / writers / actors who responded to our photos with creative contributions.  The Public Green is open to the public at all times so we will welcome the public to attend as we would one of our inside exhibitions.   The reception will not have a formal program, it’ll be like a gallery opening with opportunity to view the exhibition with other BCC members and the community partners.  Feel free to invite family and friends. The Public Green is located HERE at the intersection of Northern Ave. and Marina Park Drive in Boston.   A digital postcard with details on the reception will be sent out sometime this week or next.  There is a now an online gallery on the BCC web site where you can post selfies and other images you make of the banner.  Please upload those HERE To view the gallery, click HERE You can also find BCC online galleries under the My Account menu at

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