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May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
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Photo Project: Experimental/Different (7:00 PM EDT)
This photo project will not be judged, it is about your experimental or different pictures, for example, something that you like yourself but which is not necessarily club or PSA competition material. These pictures could be different from what other members/photographers usually do, different from what you normally photograph, or they can be creative otherwise: a different subject; an unusual or normally frowned-upon processing like no grays or no details in shadows; an unusual or rare composition. A special presentation dedicated to this project was given at the Member Presentations night on November 6. You can view the PowerPoint presentation here: You will be notified by email when the submission to the Photo Project: Experimental/Different is opened. You will be able to submit from 1 to 10 images.
1 Open A - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
1 Open B - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged
Special - Architecture (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged Competition Type: Special - Print
Special - Fashion & Beauty (7:00 PM EDT)
Status: Judged Competition Type: Special - Print
Photo Critique 8
Field Trip - Year-end OPEN (11:30 PM EDT)
Status: Closed Closed: Saturday, May 18, 2019 11:30 PM Member Voting Closes: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 11:30 PM
Voting Closes: Image of the year 2019 - Open A (7:00 PM EDT)
Voting Closes: Image of the year 2019 - Open B (11:30 PM EDT)
Voting Closes: Image of the year 2019 - Special (11:30 PM EDT)
Education 7 (7:00 PM EDT)

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