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May 2018

May 2018

1 Open A - Print (6:30 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Print (6:30 PM EDT)
Silhouettes (6:30 PM EDT)
Special - Print delete
Textures (6:30 PM EDT)
Special - Print delete
Member Exhibition at West Newton Cinema — Opening Reception (2:00 PM EDT)
Opening Reception for the BCC Member Exhibition at West Newton Cinema Time: 2-6 pm delete
Model Studio Shoot (7:00 PM EDT)
Year End Field Trip Competition (7:00 PM EDT)
2018 Year End Field Trip Competition This is a projected image competition. You are allowed to submit up to 4 images for the entire competition and no more than 2 images per field trip. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS Choose Submit Images to a Competition Upload your images (max 4) When images are uploaded, Select "Save and Proceed to Edit Page" On the Edit page: Edit your image title AND THEN IN THE BLUE BOX ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMAGE WHERE IT SAYS "SELECT A COMPETITION LEVEL," Choose the Field Trip to which the image applies Then "Save Changes and return to Original Page Note: If you select the field trip incorrectly, you can edit the field trip choice when you return to the "Original Page." Here are the 2017-2018 Field Trips Cambridge Carnival International 10-Sep-17 Sail Boston 2017 17-Jun-17 Buttonwood Farm 22-Jul-17 Boston Harbor Island Recreation Center 12-Aug-17 Rock Harbor Beach 24-Aug-17 Graffiti, Rock Climbers and view of downtown at the Quincy Quarries 24-Sep-17 Sunset/Full Moon Rising/Blue Hour at the Zakim Bridge 5-Oct-17 Photograph Trees and Fall Color in Mt. Auburn Cemetery 5-Nov-17 Waitt's Mountain - Fall Foliage/Boston Skyline 12-Nov-17 Blink! Holiday Lights around Quincy Market and Columbus Park 17-Dec-17 Photograph Low Tide Abstracts, Wildlife and Moonrise at Plum Island 11-Mar; 25-Mar; 31-Mar-18,  Waterworks Museum 11-Apr-18 BU Bridge - Sunrise, Moonset 29-Apr-18 delete
Projected Image Competition (6:30 PM EDT)
This is our last (seventh) projected image competition.   Special categories are Still Life and Transportation.   Judge -- TBD delete
1 Open A - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Projected Image -- Still Life (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Projected Image -- Transportation (7:00 PM EDT)
Education: Paula Tognarelli from the Griffin Photography Museum (7:00 PM EDT)

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