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December 2017

December 2017

Lou Jones | Understanding the use & creative benefits of flash photography. (7:30 PM EST)
Newton Camera Club Program Lou Jones | Understanding the use & creative benefits of flash photography World-renowned photographer Lou Jones will be with us to demystify the use, fear, and frustration of flash photography. His overview & demonstrations are for those who are ‘new to reasonably familiar’ to flash photography. About Lou: http://www.fotojones.com Lou Jones’ eclectic career has evolved from commercial to the personal. It has spanned every format, film type, artistic movement and technological change. He maintains a studio in Boston, Massachusetts and has photographed for Fortune 500 corporations, international companies and local small businesses including Federal Express, Nike and the Barr Foundation; completed assignments for magazines and publishers all over the world such as Time/Life, National Geographic and Paris Match; initiated long term projects on the civilwars in Central America, death row, Olympics Games and pregnancy; and published multiple books. Jones has served on the boards of directors of numerous photographic associations, societies, and museums such as the American Society of Media Photographers, Photographic Resource Center and the Griffin Museum of Photography. He helped found the school Center for Digital Imaging Arts of Boston University and conceived the prestigious Griffin Museum’s annual Focus Awards. For his photography, Jones has been awarded many accolades from organizations like Communication Arts Magazine, Art Directors Club of Boston, Travel Photographer of the Year and International Photographic Council (United Nations). Nikon recognizes Jones as a “Legend Behind the Lens” and Lowepro has honored him as a “Champion”. Jones has exhibited his eclectic imagery in colleges and schools such as Trinity College, Texas Tech University and New England College, and in collections at the Smithsonian Institution, DeCordova Museum and the African American Museum in Philadelphia. His photography is owned by various collectio delete
Education: Jürgen Lobert, Long Exposure Photography (7:00 PM EST)
1 Open A - Print (12:00 AM EST)
1 Open B - Print (7:00 PM EST)
Portraits (7:00 PM EST)
Special - Print delete
Red (7:00 PM EST)
Special - Print delete
Test competition only (12:00 AM EST)
Model Studio night (6:30 PM EST)
Projected Image Competition (6:30 PM EST)
This is our fourth Projected Image competition.   Special categories are "Weather" and "Machines."   Judge -- TBD delete
1 Open A - Projected Image (7:00 PM EST)
1 Open B - Projected Image (7:00 PM EST)
Special - Projected Image -- Machines (7:00 PM EST)
Special - Projected Image -- Weather (7:00 PM EST)
Online Auction Member Submission Deadline
Information about the club's Upcoming Online Auction Fundraiser The BCC will be conducting an Online Auction to sell photo equipment donated to the club. We’re opening the auction to BCC members who want to sell their photographic items such as lenses, cameras, photo bags, photo paper, printers, etc. If you want to add photographic items to the auction, please Submit your item(s) using the form on Club Programs>Online Auction — by December 31, 2017. About the Online Auction The online auction will be open to all BCC members for bidding mid-to-end of January, 2018. The bidding will be open for two weeks. The online auction site will contain images for each sale item. Timetable 1.     Members submit photo equipment items for sale by December 31. 2.     Online auction preparation: 1-2 weeks 3.     Auction will be open for bidding: 2 weeks Important Member Information for Those Submitting Photo Items for Sale All items submitted for sale by members must be photo related BCC will receive a 25% commission on any item sold The Seller retains physical posession of the sale item during the entire auction process If the item does not sell, BCC will not take possession of the item At the end of the auction and if a sale occurs, the Seller is responsible for contacting the buyer and delivering the item to the buyer in a timely fashion The Seller is responsible for any issues with the transfer (ie. warranty, etc.) of the item with the buyer All sales are Final (The BCC will not be responsible for issuing any refunds) The seller sets the Reserve sell price (minimum bid) You must submit a .JPG image to accompany any photo item you submit for sale; no exceptions No changes to auction items submitted for sale will be allowed after December 31, 2017 All these details and Submission form are on the web site at:  https://www.bostoncameraclub.org/d/cf5324ab-ea40-47b0-be7b-d9b215d482cc Please let me know if you have any questions: bethluch@gmail.com Beth L delete
1 Open A - Print (6:30 PM EST)
1 Open B - Print (6:30 PM EST)
Photojournalism (6:30 PM EST)
Special - Print delete
Reflections (6:30 PM EST)
Special - Print delete

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