Projected Image Competition (EIC)


The Boston Camera Club holds several Electronic (Projected) Image competitions per year via remote using the Zoom application. The images are critiqued and scored by a judge. Members also are allowed to vote for their favorite images -- typically up to four votes for each category of a competition.

Image Submission Requirements
To submit images (through the web site), go to Competitions>Submit Images to a Competition (Members must be logged in to see this menu option).

  • It is strongly suggested that all photographs be converted to the sRGB color space. That color space most closely approximates the capability of monitors and projectors to display color, and usually results in the best presentation of an image.
  • The image max. size is 3840x2160 pixels. If your image exceeds the system maximum size allowed, your upload time will be unnecessarily long and your image will be resized after the upload completes. If your image file size exceeds 20.0MB, you may see an error message and the file will not be uploaded.

·         Deadline for submitting images will be 11:30 PM two Saturdays before the competition, the calendar will list the exact date.

The  BCC is using 10-point scoring scale, 1 through 10 for our Projected Image competitions. The score of 1 point is reserved for category mismatches and disqualifications; there is no 0 or “DQ” score. Think of this scale as being a percentage: 10 points equals 100%.

The 10-point scale is allocated as follows:

Utilizing the Scoring Range
In most competitions, the bulk, some two thirds of all images, will fall somewhere into the mid-range (shaded green: 5,6,7 points, 6 is the mid-point). Some images will be below the mid-range (orange) or above the mid-range (blue); only a few images will receive top scores (10, 9) or the lowest scores (2, 3). The top score should be assigned to the best image in that category. There does not need to be a top or bottom score (i.e., the top scoring image may get a 9).

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