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The BCC Studio Model Shoot Group meets occasionally from September to May during the season. Please check the club calendar for details.  The club will typically have two to three different lighting setups with different backgrounds allowing for variety of headshot & full-length photos. The club provides the models, release, backdrops, lighting and remote triggers.  Your only requirement is to bring a camera with a standard hot shoe mount.  Except for first time visitors, you must be a BCC member in good standing to participate.

Guidelines for the photo shoot:

  • Photographers must form a single line at each setup station to wait your turn to shoot. 
  • Each photographer is allowed up to 5 shots and no more than 2 minutes per turn. If there is no line behind you, you may extend your time. 
  • As a courtesy to other photographers waiting in line, please do not show the models the images from the back of your camera.  There is ample time when the models are waiting for their next shoot. 
  • Please do not make physical contact with the models in anyway, such as adjusting hair and clothing.  If you need to make adjustments, you may ask a family member of the model or other models to assist.

Sharing your photos :

In exchange for the model's time, every photographer is responsible for sending photos directly to the models no later than 4 weeks after the shoot.  The photos can be in a digital format, CD or prints.  A printed sheet of model names, addresses and email will be provided on the night of the shoot.  Digital files should have high enough resolution to print up to an 8x10 print size.  Recommended print size is up to 8x10.  Please note, the models need the most recent and updated photos for their portfolio.  Please send the images as soon as possible. 

Model Release and Usage Guidelines:

  • The images from the BCC photoshoot may be used for your own portfolio, websites or other non-commercial usage without further release or permissions from the models. If you plan to use the images for commercial or other purposes, you will be responsible for obtaining a separate model release directly from the model or his/her guardian if the model is a minor (under 18).
  • Please do not offer to sell the photos from the BCC photoshoot to the models.

Non members:

First time visitors and non-members are welcomed to join the photo shoot for ONE photoshoot session.  If you decide to join us regularly, you will need to become a member of the Boston Camera Club by submitting your membership application along with the annual membership fee.  See the Membership section for more information about becoming a Boston Camera Club member.


For any questions, please contact BCC Model Shoot Committee Chair, Gordon Yu at


Model Release Form

Model Application Form


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