Boston Camera Club has moved all of its weekly Tuesday meetings to online via weekly web conferencing through Webex! Most of our programs are unaffected; however, some will be adjusted as needed.

In-person meetings have been suspended until further notice in light of the COVID-19 developments.

Boston Camera Club: Past Presidents

Year Name
2016-2018 Beth Luchner
2013-2016 Erik Gehring
2010-2013 Henry Winkleman
2008-2010 Joe Liftik
2005-2008 Mark Staples
2003-2005 Maureen Munro
2001-2003 Howard S. Stein
1999-2001 Donalexander Goss
1997-1999 H. Jakob Jorgensen
1996-1997 Rev. George H. Moseley
1996 Lois Josimovich (resigned for personal reasons)
1994-1996 James A. Luedke, Jr.
1992-1994 Allen E. Andersen
1990-1992 Gregory A. Crisci
1988-1990 Michael R. Goodman
1984-1985 Aron O. Lurie
1982-1984 Catherine (Katy) Gilley
1980-1982 Daniel (Dan) D. R. Charbonnet
1979-1980 Charles W. Therrien
1976-1979 David F. Rodd
1974-1976 Edmond (Ed) W. Lapine
1971-1974 Unknown
1969-1971 Joseph F. Mahoney
1967-1969 Thomas J. Rinaldo
1965-1967 Henry F. Weisenburger
1963-1965 Homer C. Littlefield
1961-1963 Merriam N. (Bonny) Blodgett
1959-1961 George L. Lienau
1957-1959 Richard C. Cargwright
1956-1957  Barbara Standish
1955-1956 Capt. J. (Jack) L. Kenner, USN (resigned; called up for Navy); Barbara Standish
1953-1955 Dr. Nathaniel (Nate) H. Pulling
1952-1953 Richard C. Cartwright
1951-1952 Unknown
1950-1951 George W. Hollis
1948-1950 Lee A. Ellis
1948 Morell Powell Mims (through Dec 1948)
1947-1948 Benjamin H. Hunt
1946-1947 Charles K. Pope
1945-1946 L. Whitney Standish
1944-1945 Unknown
1942-1944 Cecil B. Atwater
1939-1942 L. Whitney Standish
1936-1939 Unknown
1936 Ralph W. Stearns
1913-1936 Unknown
1912 Phineas Hubbard
1910-1912 Unknown
1908-1910 Phineas Hubbard
1903-1908 Unknown
1901-1903 William R. Richards
1897-1901  Joseph Prince Loud
1895-1897 George M. Morgan
1893-1895 Edward R. Andrews
1890-1893 Henry N. Sweet
1886-1890 George E. Cabot
1882-1886  Unknown
1881-1882 William T. Brigham

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