Boston Camera Club has moved all of its weekly Tuesday meetings to online via weekly web conferencing through Webex! Most of our programs are unaffected; however, some will be adjusted as needed.

In-person meetings have been suspended until further notice in light of the COVID-19 developments.

Honorary Club Members


  • Greg Crisci: 2012
  • Lou Jones: 2007
  • Gordon Yu: 2001
  • Edwin (Ed) J. Baldwin: 1998 (deceased; obituary in Reflector summer 2018)
  • Rev. George Moseley: 1995 (deceased)
  • Daniel (Dan) G. Alex: 1995
  • David F. Rodd: 1993 (deceased)
  • Henry Weisenburger: 1985 (a club member for over 50 years)
  • Leslie (Les) A. Campbell
  • Gordon A. Hicks (joined the BCC 1937) (deceased)
  • Dr. Nathanial (Nate) H. Pulling (d. May 26, 2007); obituary in 12/20/2007 Reflector
  • Lewis C. Franklin, Jr. (d. Nov. 24, 2007); obiturary in 12/20/2007 Reflector

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