InterClub Competitions

In addition to print and electronic intra-club competitions the Boston Camera Club participates in several inter-club competitions. The images selected from individuals are combined into the club entry. Club meetings and the Reflector informs members about these competitions and image submissions guidelines.

New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) – Print and Projected competitions

These competitions are held 3 times a year – Fall/Winter/Spring. The images selected to represent the club are usually those entered into regular club competitions.

Photographic Society of America (PSA) – Projected Image Division (PID)
There are 4 competitions held during the year.  The Club submits 6 images into each competition. Images may be color or black and white with no restrictions on post-processing manipulations. 

Multi-Club Competitions
Begun in 2013 between the Boston Camera Club, the Newton Camera Club and the South Shore Camera Club. Continued in other years with various clubs.

This is an electronic (projected) image competition. The competition committee will compile a list of words/categories  – and the photographers try to find the best image that describes that category. Each club will hold an internal competition to select the one image to represent the club in each category. In the spring the three clubs will meet and judges will select the best image in each category. It is a fun evening for all.

Click  HERE for more information about the 2021 Multi-Club Competition with Boston, Stony Brook, Gateway, and Newton Camera Clubs.

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club
This competition, held in March, is a premier, international all-nature competition of digital images. The overall categories are:  Animals, Botany, Landscapes. The Boston Camera Club may submit 10 digital images with no more than 2 per maker. The judges will follow the definition of the Nature category established by Photographic Society of America (PSA). Further information regarding subcategories, Nature definition, image preparation, image submission can be found at:

Paul Carlson Memorial Black & White Print Competition, sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club
This competition, held in May, is limited to the 3 – 6 clubs invited to participate. Each club may submit 20 black and white prints with no more than 4 per maker. There is no restriction on subject matter with the maximum mount size of 16x20 inches. Post-processing manipulation is limited to what could have been done to a single image in a traditional darkroom.

Click here for more Paul Carlson information and competition results.



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