Boston Camera Club has moved all of its weekly Tuesday meetings to online via weekly web conferencing through Webex! Most of our programs are unaffected; however, some will be adjusted as needed.

In-person meetings have been suspended until further notice in light of the COVID-19 developments.

Boston Camera Club
Photo Exhibition at Wellesley Library (Virtual)


Participating Members are:

Nancy Ahmadifar, Alfredo Alvarez, Paul Baron, Susan Clare, Eldad Cohen, Matt Conti, Donald Craig, Christopher de Souza, Alison Doherty, Laura Ferraguto, Fern Fisher, Erik Gehring, Murielle Gerard, Anna Golitsyna, Suki Hanfling, Tom Hill, Yehuda Inbar, Joni Lohr, Beth Luchner, Christina Maiorano, Yair Melamed, Emory Petrack, David Roberts, Gordon Saperia, Ilya Schiller, Roman Schwartz, Ivan Sipos, Arlene Winkleman, Henry Winkleman, Albert Zabin

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