TriClub Competition

The event was held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The event will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, at Gateway Camera Club (map)

Boston, Gateway and Stony Brook Camera Clubs Tri-Club Competition 2019-2020

Overview: All members of the three clubs are invited to participate in this friendly competition. Members may choose to create digital photographic images in any or all of the nine categories. All images must be created within twelve-month period beginning on April 1, 2019 and ending on March 31, 2020 1. In April 2020, each club will select their best images in each category to compete in the Tri-Club competition event which will take place on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 7:30-9:00PM at the Gateway Camera Club (map).

For purposes of the Tri-Club, members will be assigned to Classes A and B to give everyone a fair chance to compete with others at a similar level of experience and skill. Each club will submit both a Class A and a Class B images to compete in each category. No more than one image per member will be selected by any club to compete in the event, to enable 18 members (9 categories x 2 classes) from each club to compete in the Tri-Club competition event.

How to submit : Go to competition -> submit Images to competition -> select competition, follow the regular submission.

The Tri-Club Competition on April 28, 2020 will be judged by a distinguished panel of judges who are independent of the three clubs. The judges will offer their educational comments on all of the images presented to them. Awards will be given to the best image in each class within each category. At the end, a Best in Show Award will also be determined for each class across all categories.

Categories and Definitions:




A person, place or object that has been left behind and may or may not have fallen into a state of loneliness, decrepitude or decay


A self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is photographed by that artist. We expect this to go beyond a “Selfie” which is quick and less considered and to illuminate a defining characteristic of the photographer. Does not have to be a head shot. Does not have to include the face. Does not have to include anything related to the subject as a photographer.

Sports and Human Action

A depiction of a person or persons involved in a competitive or non-competitive recreational activity, be it professional, organized or individual. Not walking or work-related, but in pursuit of something more playful, fitness-related or entertaining. The subject must be human – no animals.


An image that emphasizes the light play introduced by a shadow or shadows, and one in which the shadow(s) commands the viewer’s interest in the image.

Still Life

A deliberately composed and lit set piece of inanimate object(s)


An image that features water, whether on its own or as part of a scene, conveying some unique property of water in nature, as controlled by man or as an abstract medium - as long as it makes the viewer conjure up or feel water’s unique characteristics

Black & White

Black and white and all shades of grey in between. No toning or two-color submissions will be accepted, including no selective color.


Landscape photography is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that brings your viewer into the scene. From grand landscapes to intimate details, the best photos demonstrate the photographer’s own connection to nature and capture the essence of the world around

them. For this competition, the “hand of man” may be evident but should not be the dominant feature of the image. Animals may be present but also should not be the dominant feature.

New Frontiers of Creativity

Try something new and creative that you’ve never done before. This might include getting it done inside the camera (e.g., long exposures, multiple exposures, use of artificial light) or in post-processing that goes beyond simple use of filters. Beyond simple altered reality, an image that will make the judge say “I’ve never seen anything like this before” or “This really breaks some new ground photographically”.


All Saints Parish Church

1773 Beacon Street,
Brookline, MA 02445

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