Education - Ossian Lindholm - "Vision and Vine: Connecting and Capturing the Magical Landscapes of North West Argentina" - Sponsored by Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journeys

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All Saints Parish Church

1773 Beacon Street,
Brookline, MA 02445

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This event was held on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meeting will take place downstairs in the Dining Room!!

"Vision and Vine: Connecting and Capturing the Magical Landscapes of North West Argentina" - Sponsored by Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journeys

Northwest Argentina is an enormously photogenic and pristine region consisting of the provinces of Catamarca, Jujuy, Salta, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán. In his lively and informative presentation, Argentinian photographer and documentary filmmaker Ossian Lindholm will take you on a photographic tour of his native Northwest Argentina and its incredible landscape diversity consisting of five distinct biomes: the sub-Andean humid sierras of the east, fertile valleys, and the canyons, the high mountains of the Andes and the Altiplano or Puna.

The mountain ranges of this little known region tucked into the eastern Andes, slope and unfold dramatically from west to east. Each rolling range is unique and every valley in between has its characteristic settings, vegetation, traditions and cultural expressions.

Ossian will also discuss the 40-year evolution of his photographic passion and artistic vision. Renown as one of Argentina’s finest photographers, Ossian is also an experienced photography teacher and nature documentary filmmaker who will share the very special light, angles, and colors of his photogenic and pristine region. He will share his techniques of connecting, capturing and creating his stunning photographs and take us on an intimate photo journey of his most beloved landscapes. Finally, Ossian will elaborate on the crucial role of the photographer in nature conservation that drives his personal mission: “Para conservar, prima hay que conoscer.” To conserve first you must know. This maxim and personal philosophy are threads throughout his work.

You will walk away with a special understanding and appreciation of this unique and little known part of the world and be inspired by Ossian’s passion for photography, filmmaking and creating endearing images that poignantly communicate our special and symbiotic relationship to Mother Earth.

This seminar is sponsored by Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journeys specialize in using a bike as a way to physically explore and learn about a place. The mission of Travel Vision Journeys is to use the camera literally as a lens of learning and discovery. TravelVision Journeys are active photo vacations that invigorate and immerse guests into the nature, culture and landscape of the most stunning places in the world.  More info at http://ciclismoclassico.com.


Ossian Lindholm

Ossian Lindholm is a nature photographer from Tucuman, Argentina. Trained as an Agronomist, he turned his deep passion for nature to photography. In his work as a photographer, teacher and documentary filmmaker, he is dedicated to capturing, conserving, and sharing the landscape, nature and culture of Argentina in its most pristine state. Ossian has published five books, 14 calendars and he teaches photography throughout the year. Since 1998 he has been leading groups of photographers and naturalists on photographic journeys throughout his native Argentina.

For the past four years he hosted of a popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesia Fotograficas. By crafting powerful images, words and music that touch the audience’s emotional core, he educates and inspires his Travesia audience to love and protect their environment.

Ossian has been a passionate photographer since he was a small boy. He pursued a career in agricultural engineering and developed a passion with biological sciences that remain a strong influence in his work. For many years he worked as a scientist but in 1998 he dedicated himself to nature photography. He had a personal revelation that photography was not only a profession but a way to make a difference by delivering an important message about conservation and sustainability. Here was his calling--through photography, teaching and filmmaking, he must show and teach his fellow Argentinians and the world that nature is sacred and our relationship to Mother Earth is a symbiotic one. This maxim and personal philosophy can be seen through all his work. As he evolved as a photographer he clarified his mission in one sentence: Para Conservar, primero hay que Conocer...."To conserve, first you must know."

Ossian is teaching a workshop at the Maine Media Workshops from June 26 - July 2, more info at https://www.mainemedia.edu/workshops/photography/art-craft-travel-photography.

Photo by Ossian Lindholm.

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