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March 2018

March 2018

Education: Paul Nguyen, Macro Photography (7:00 PM EST)
This will be a workshop where attendees will have a chance to do macro photography.  Bring your camera and macro lens. delete
Family & Group Photo Sessions (10:00 AM EST)
Members Gallery Night (6:30 PM EST)
BCC Gallery Night -- NEW Event Here's your chance to have your own exhibition. Select 10 images from your current (and vast) collection of images — find a theme, story, project that will create your own exhibition! These 10 images will be projected on screen. In addition, please print ONE image from your collection (the image can be any size up to 16" x 20") that you will bring with you to be hung on the wall on this night. Next to your one image, you can (optional but recommended) print a one-page bio/artist statement. Requirements Submit 10 digital images (JPGs -- must be sized according to our competition specs): Go to Submit Image to a Competition and select March 6 * You MUST submit your images in a Sequence* -- Please read the documentation below on how to name your files for a sequence submission. Print ONE image from your exhibition collection to bring with you on the exhibition night to be hung on the wall Print a one-page bio/Artist statement that will accompany your printed photo on the wall Here's the link on How to Submit Images in a Sequence: https://www.bostoncameraclub.org/Downloads/89ccc306-ca4d-4a3d-bb29-c91bdf2d2fc5 delete
Gallery Night (7:00 PM EST)
Special Project delete
Model Studio night (6:30 PM EDT)
Photo Critique (7:00 PM EDT)
Photo Critique You’ll have the opportunity to receive an informal critique of your photographs and learn how to improve and manipulate them in Lightroom. We encourage the participation of members - please submit images and make suggestions for critical improvements to all images presented. The group is open to members of all levels. To upload images on the website go to Club Programs>Photo Critique. If you are logged in go to http://bostoncameraclub.org/d/d1d494eb-fccb-464f-a2aa-c5bf9caa72fd. delete
Projected Image Competition (6:30 PM EDT)
This is our sixth projected image competition.   Special categories are Portrait (PSA) and "Text Included."   Definitions will follow.   Our judge will be Bruce Myren delete
1 Open A - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Projected Image -- Portrait (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Projected Image -- Text Included (7:00 PM EDT)
Test competition only (12:00 AM EDT)
Member Exhibition: Submission Deadline March 26
Call for Photographs: Submission Deadline — Monday, March 26! BCC Exhibition, May 6 - June 29, 2018, at West Newton Cinema Address: 1296 Washington Street, West Newton, MA 02465 Opening Reception: Sunday May 6, 2 - 4 pm. We are having a Boston Camera club exhibition at West Newton Cinema, in their exhibition space on the second floor, next to the second floor auditoriums. This is going to be a lightly juried, open-themed show and all members are encouraged to to participate. West Newton Cinema is a premier location for all movie buffs in the area with a good choice of independent, artsy, foreign, as well as popular movies. This exhibition is Open, no specific categories, and we encourage you to submit up to 5 of your best pictures. Depending on submissions, exhibition organizers will select up to 3 pictures per photographer out of submitted ones. Only image files will be needed first. Please see the deadline for image submission at the end of this call. The exhibition will be open to the public generally at all times the cinema is open as per their specific week schedule, http://www.westnewtoncinema.com/new-page/, whether you plan to attend a movie or not. We do recommend skipping the busiest times 6 pm - 10 pm, Fridays and Saturdays, unless you plan to see a movie as well. Photograph Medium and Sizes Wired framed pictures, canvases, and metal prints are allowed. F framed photographs must not exceed 20" x 26" (in either Landscape or Portrait orientations).  Work that has been displayed in a BCC exhibition in the last two years is not eligible. Your photographs will be available for purchase if you so desire, no commission charges. We will be looking for volunteers to deliver and hang photographs on May 5, 10 am - until done. Deadline for the image submission is March 26, 2018. The submission form is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdF3BUCGOK4bZU6SWehF1GtqJvUanBvwxndwM0z7QjrcTqH-w/viewform?usp=send_form. The JPEG uploading l delete
Education Program: Eric Haynes -- Event Photographer (7:00 PM EDT)
Eric Haynes: Event Photographer I am a Boston based photographer who uses everything from digital cameras to large format film to tell stories. I have worked documenting Massachusetts state government and I have photographed the presidents of five countries, state ceremonies, natural disasters, weddings and the finish line of three Boston Marathons. http://www.erichaynes.com   Image © Eric Haynes delete

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