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September 2018
September 2018
September 2018
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2018-2019 Opening event (6:30 PM EDT)
The club’s opening meeting is Tuesday, September 4, starting at 7 pm. Our guest speaker that night is Michael Milicia  -  BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY : INSIGHTS & INSPIRATION Mike will present a selection of his bird images along with commentary intended to inform, entertain, and inspire. Using example photos, he will demonstrate several key elements that help to transform a bird photo from a simple documentation shot to an artful and compelling image with emotional impact. The presentation will also include some tips on camera settings and field techniques that will boost your productivity and increase the artistic and technical quality of your images. You will leave with a greater insight into the multitude of components that must all come together to create a successful bird photograph. The evening will also include: ·      An overview of the year’s upcoming programs and events – some new and some returning ·      A review of the club’s web site with special pages for members ·      A  chance to mingle and say hello to new and returning members In the meantime, check out the club’s upcoming field trips on on the BCC meetup site.
1 Open A - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Family (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Print
Special - Monochrome (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Print
Photo Critique (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open A - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Projected Image (7:00 PM EDT)
2 PSA - Projected Image -- Wildlife (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Projected Image -- People at Work (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open A - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
1 Open B - Print (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - People and Water (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Print
Special - Still Life (7:00 PM EDT)
Special - Print

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