Photo Critique

The Photo Critique group  provides the opportunity to receive an informal critique of your photographs. Feedback from varying perspectives enriches the discussion - we won't always agree! The group is open to members of all levels - whether you're just starting out and want guidance on basic structure of your photos - strength and weaknesses or figuring out how to proceed - or you're in the Open A group and want input on choosing the strongest images, their sequencing, etc. for a show or portfolio.  

The Photo Critique group meets on the second Tuesday of every month either in the Undercroft or the Dining Hall at All Saints Parish Church in Brookline, both spaces being in the basement of the church. In general, members should plan to bring 4 images (prints or load digital images, see link under 4 below). The number of images each member will be able to share will be determined by the number of people in attendance. (Exception: if a member is preparing a show or portfolio, please contact Marty Becker at  beckerim[at] and we'll make special arrangements for that member, i.e., a 30-60 minute period of the meeting devoted to that members work.) 

How to Submit Your Images
Please submit your images no later than 6:00 pm the Monday preceding the Tuesday Photo critique night. That way, the Chair can access the images in advance and bring them into Lightroom on the night of the critique.

1. You may submit up to four (4) images

2. The images MUST be sized no larger than 2,048 pixels WIDTH (horizontally) and no larger than 1,536 pixels HEIGHT (vertically) up to 5MB.

3. Please title your images "LastName_Date_Number" eg. Smith_11_10_2017-2

4. Click this link to upload images.









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