BCC Member Exhibitions

The Boston Camera Club offers members venues to display and sell their photographs throughout the year. Each exhibition is open to all active club members.

Check the BCC Blog for:
— Photo Exhibitions with BCC representation
— Calls for Photo Submissions into other exhibitions

Upcoming Member Exhibition at New England School of Photography (NESOP)

Exhibition Dates: early November 2018 - January 2019
Opening Reception: TBD
Where: NESOP in Waltham, Red Brick Gallery (more details to come)

The BCC will hold an exhibit at NESOP inaugurating their new Red Brick Gallery space — an intimate, casual gallery space at the school in which they will host small, rotating exhibitions.

The exhibition theme is — "Light and Shadow."
The exhibition will display only 15 images — 8 horizontal and 7 vertical. The number and orientation of images is limited by the space and framing requirements set forth from NESOP.


How many images can I submit?
You may submit up to 4 .JPG images related to the "Light and Shadow" theme. These images are for the selection process only. From these images, the Exhibition Committee will select the final 15 images — 8 horizontal and 7 vertical. Therefore, please consider submitting both horizontal and vertical images. We are limited in the number and orientation of images by NESOP: gallery space and who will be supplying the frames for uniformity.

Members who have their image(s) selected are then responsible for "printing" their image to meet the print specifications and print delivery deadline indicated below.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, October 7, 11:30 pm


***These images are for selection only — do not upload full size images. Please size your uploaded images to meet BCC competition file submissions: ie. .JPGs sized up to 1400px x 1050 px.***

When will I find out if my image is selected?
The BCC will notify you by Thursday, October 11 whether or not your image is selected. Images selected will be based on how well the image fits the exhibition theme "Light and Shadow," and on the need for horizontal and vertical images.

What do I need to do if my image is selected?
You will need to deliver your printed image(s) per the following specifications:

Print paper size must not exceed 13" x 19" which is the size of the frame supplied by NESOP

- Mat size MUST BE exactly 13" x 19" (the sizes indicate the mat's outer edges NOT the mat window)
- Print must be hinged (or somehow affixed) to back of mat as NESOP will provide frame and frame backing

You will need to deliver your print to Beth Luchner, no later than Wednesday, October 24. If you can not deliver your print at one of the BCC meetings, please contact Beth to make arrangements for your print delivery:bethluch@gmail.com.

None Required. NESOP will supply the frame 13" x 19" frame and backing.

What are the exhibition dates?
NESOP will hang the exhibition, which will open in early November and display until December 31 or until mid-January, 2019. Exhibition Visiting Hours are:

Sundays through Saturdays
(7 days per week) 9:30 am – 4 pm.
Visitors will need to check in with the reception desk.

Can I sell my photos?
Yes, you can sell your photographs while they are exhibited. You set the image price. NESOP will not take any commission! Any interested buyer will contact you directly to handle the purchase; NESOP will not handle any photo purchase communications or payment processing.

NESOP will prepare a sheet with the artists' names, image titles, and price — and make it available for the duration of the exhibition. There will be no artist information affixed to the wall for any framed image.

Do I need a artist statement or bio for the exhibit?
If you make your photograph(s) for sale, then you will need a minimum of a one-page contact sheet with your name and contact information. You are also welcome to supply an artist statement/bio printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. These contact information sheets/artist statements must be delivered to Beth Luchner when you deliver your print.

NESOP will display these artist information sheets in a notebook for the duration of the exhibit.

Will there be an opening reception?

How will the exhibition be publicized?
NESOP will publicize the exhibition on their web site and through other communications to their community. In addition, the BCC will publicize the event. And BCC members should publicize the event on their own social media sites and emails to friends and family.


What is the Submission 2-Step Process?
GO TO SUBMISSION FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/yZLhKqgZtTTBm3OD2

STEP 2: UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES (See process description below)
GO TO SUBMIT/UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES: /MyAccount/GalleryEdit.aspx?GalleryId=d9a7ff2b-b707-4522-b84f-c645a84345f7#no-back-button

When you complete the Submission Form, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a link to "edit" your submission form entries.

Once you click the link (above) to submit your images, the gallery page displays.

You now have TWO CHOICES of buttons to use:
— Upload Images into this Gallery
— Add Images from my Image Library

Read the following description of each button to determine which button(s) you need to use. You may have to use both upload processes depending on the images you want to upload.

I. Upload Images into this Gallery
Use this button IF the image(s) you want to upload has NEVER been uploaded for a club competition since the start of using this new club web site (since ~ Jan 2015) —
ie .the images do not already exist in your Image Library).

  1. When you use this button, the upload process is similar to the process for uploading your images to a competition.
  2. During the image “Select” process, you can indicate multiple images to be uploaded with a single upload (similar to the upload process for club competitions).
  3. If the system displays a message indicating the image already exists in your Image Library, then stop this upload process and use the other upload process — 'Add Images from my Image Library.'

II. Add Images from my Image Library
Use this button IF the image(s) .JPG you want to upload HAS been used in a club competition since the start of using this new club web site (since ~ Jan 2015) — ie. the images already exist in your Image Library.

  1. When you use this button, and the upload page displays, simply scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “DISPLAY ALL IMAGES.”
  2. Now all the images in your Image Library are displayed. If needed, scroll to the bottom of the page and set the images to display at 50 — so you can see more of your images on the page.
  3. Add a check mark next to the image(s) you want to upload to the gallery — you can add check marks to images on multiple pages.
  4. When all the images you want to upload are checked, press the button: ‘FINISHED MARKING SELECTED IMAGES.’
  5. The gallery page will then display with your uploaded image(s).
  6. No need to select any other buttons to save your images to the Gallery.

Please direct any questions to Beth at meetings or by email: bethluch@gmail.com


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