Photo Walk at Griffin Museum of Photography — MAY 2019

The Griffin Museum of Photography has offered Boston Camera Club members to participate in a Portfolio Walk.

The event will take place in May at the Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, MA) during a weekday evening from 7-8:30 pm. Click here to respond to the Doodle poll ONLY if you want to display your portfolio of prints at the event. Your responses to the poll will determine the one date in May for the event. 

The deadline to respond to the POLL is BY SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 11:30 pm.


What is a Portfolio Walk?
It is an event where the Griffin Museum of Photography invites its membership, public, and contact list of gallery owners to come to the museum to view photographs of one or more photographers. The attendees “walk” around to each table to view the photographer’s portfolio of images.

This event will be exclusive to the BCC — meaning only BCC members will display their photographs during this walk. BCC members, their family and friends, in addition to the people the Griffin Museum invites are all welcome to attend the event.

Would my photographs be available for sale?
Yes, and the BCC member would set the price of the photo. Members may sell their photos on the spot, and/or make arrangements to talk with the interested buyer at a later time. The Griffin Museum can handle the credit card transaction for you; the Griffin will keep the cost of the transaction fee — or you can provide your own (online) transaction service. The Griffin will not take any commission on any sold images.

What is the best way to showcase my photographs?
The Griffin Museum recommends that photographs be placed in a Portfolio box or a Presentation book where the photographs can be easily viewed. You can NOT place your photos loose on the table. You can also bring photo book(s) which you can make available for sale. Each participant will have ½ of a table (30” width) to display their images.

Here are links to examples of Presentation Boxes and Presentation Books offered by Blicks:
Presentation Boxes:
Presentation Books:

What size should the photographs be?
Each participating BCC member determines their photograph size(s). Photographs may or may not be matted — up to the discretion of the BCC member. The Griffin recommends that the photographs (with or without mats) be no smaller than 8” x 10” and not exceed 13” x 19”.

How many prints should I exhibit?
The Griffin Museum says that a portfolio is usually about 15 prints, and a range of 10-20 prints sounds about right.

How will the event be publicized?
The Griffin Museum will publicize the event to its membership, and its circle of gallery owners. Of course, the BCC will publicize the event.

Participating members will select one image from among the images to be shown at the event. The Griffin will select one or two images from all the submitted images for use in their publicity. Each of the submitted JPGs will be used to create an online slide show that the Griffin will display on their website.

How many BCC members can participate in this event?
The Griffin Museum has 11 tables and can accommodate up to 22 BCC members to show their work.

How long is the event?
The event is one weekday night for 1-1/2 hours from 7 – 8:30 pm. Participating members would be able to set-up starting at 6:30 pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions — Beth Luchner (



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