Special Interest Groups (SIG)  

The idea of SIG is to allow a small group of members that have a common specific interest unique to a subset of the general membership to share knowledge and experience to benefit the unique members. 

There is currently no restrictions to the subject or size of a SIG or how a specific SIG is organized, it's the group decision, the club will only provide a discussion Forum platform on the club website for the SIG to share .

The following SIG's have already been formed:

Night and long exposure photography  

Group coordinator: Jurgen Lobert

This BCC special interest group is about night and daytime long exposure photography. The group gets together on a monthly basis to discuss everything about these genres or to shoot together on a loosely alternating base, as the group decides. Photo shoots are posted on Meetup.com/BCCevents page and indoor meetings are arranged through emails and Google calendar events.

Click here for the group Discussion Forum'

To join this group, send an email to the group coordinator : jurgen[at]leyetscapes[dot]com  


Drones  Thumbnail Image

Group coordinator:Eldad Cohen

Share common drone knowledge and experience regardless of the drone brand or size. Topics to be covered - better understand FAA rules, safety concerns, specific apps, share locations and any other topic the group decides to cover. 

Click here for the group Discussion Forum'

To join this group, send an email to the group coordinator Eldad Cohen


Fujifilm  Thumbnail Image

Group coordinator: Eldad Cohen

This SIG is all about the Fujifilm camera/lenses and accessories. All HW related, how to best set your camera up for the different shots , what accessories to buy and share experiences related to the specific equipment.

Click here for the group Discussion Forum'

To join this group, send an email to the group coordinator Eldad Cohen

Building your Photoshop skills  Thumbnail Image

Group coordinator: Gordon Saperia

This group is intended for members who understand the basics of Photoshop operation and are interested in learning how to use many of its incredible tools. Each session will focus on one tool or technique and will be led by someone who is prepared to teach that technique to others. Meetings will likely be weeknights and occur once or twice a month based on member availability and interest. It is strongly advised that members must have Photoshop loaded onto a laptop so that they can follow along and practice at the meetings.  Click here for the group Discussion Forum'

To join this group, send an email to the group coordinator Gordon Saperia or Yair Egozy

Photoshop Beginners 14 Product Photography Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro | WordStream

This is a group for people with little or no experience in Photoshop. The meeting agenda includes a PS related presentation, Q&A, and some hands-on experience. Participants should have Photoshop open during the meetings so they can follow along and practice. 

The group meets over the club's regular Zoom link 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, 7pm. You can find the next and the past meetings topics here: Boston Camera Club - Forums. Please email Anna Golitsyna at agolits [@] gmail.com or Dan Koretz at dan [@] dkoretz.net to join at any time.


Exploring Photography Aesthetics  Aesthetic Icons - Free Download, PNG and SVG

The group meets over Zoom monthly so far. Meetings include discussion photos as well as one or two short presentations by group members. Various group meeting topics are planned over time such as:

  • Discussing photos, own or outside BCC, depending on a photo purpose (FB, club competitions, galleries, exhibitions etc). Image meaning, intent, subjective impact etc are high on the list
  • Portfolios versus a single picture
  • Modern trends: aligning with and reacting to
  • Going to (virtual) exhibitions or portfolios and commenting as a group what's there
  • Photography aesthetics and perception theories, detailed or just mentioned.
  • Anything else related of the interest to the group

There is a vast field of photography and aesthetics beyond what is usually discussed by judges during our competitions. MFA or Griffin photo exhibitions might offer examples.This is a gap that might be worthwhile to explore or even emulate. 

Click here for the group Discussion Forum and to see the next meeting date and agenda.

Please email Anna Golitsyna at agolits [@] gmail.com to join at any time.

Photojournalism / Street Photography   Street Photography Logo Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

This group is about pursuing photojournalism and street photography, loosely defined as using images for telling a news story, social impact or simply embracing daily life. It covers a broad genre of photographing people in public places (but generally not in portraits). We will look for events and opportunities to photograph together or individually, share images and discuss other relevant topics.

Click here for the group Discussion Forum.

To join the group, send an email to the group coordinator, hannah.cai[at] tufts[dot]edu.

Lightroom  Adobe Lightroom - Wikipedia

Group coordinator: Bruce Wilson and Alan Niebanck

This is a group for people with a range of experience in Lightroom, from little to considerable. The meeting agenda will typically include two or three challenges that small breakout groups will attempt to complete. Participants should have Lightroom open during the meetings so they can attempt the challenges and share them with the group. No experience with Lightroom is required, but participants are expected to work on skills and be prepared with questions. Boston Camera Club members with more experience in Lightroom are welcome to join the SIG, and they can run meetings and help out in the breakout groups. The group meets the first Thursday of each month and occasionally on the third Thursday.

Click here for the group Discussion Forum'

For more information or to join, email Bruce Wilson brucehughw [@] gmail.com or Alan Niebanck alan.niebanck [@] gmail.com

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