2017-2018 Special Club Program Descriptions

We have a number of special programs this year. Some are new (Portrait Photography Demo, Gallery Night, Adobe Lightroom Workshop), and some are returning (New Member Night, Member Presentations, Special Photo Project, Field Trip Competition).

Below are descriptions for each of these programs. Please don't hesitate to email or contact me at meetings with any questions: bethluch@gmail.com.

NEW MEMBER NIGHT: October 31, Tuesday
This event is your opportunity to find out more about the club’s programs and ask questions.
At tonight’s program you’ll learn about:

  • How to navigate the club’s web site
  • Web site content available to members only
  • How to size your images for BCC competitions using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • How to submit your images to competitions
  • Meet other members

Rob Sylvan will conduct a two-session Adobe Lightroom workshop. The morning will be an introduction/refresher program for beginners/intermediate learners and the afternoon will go beyond the basic for a more advanced program. Members may sign up for one or both of the workshops. The workshop will be held at the All Saints Parish Church (our regularly meeting place).

Beginner/Intermediate Workshop: 9am - 12noon — $50.00
Advanced Workshop: 1pm - 4pm: $50.00
Take both the Beginner and Advanced Workshop: $95.00

Registration Required: Click here to register and pay for the workshops
Registration is required by Wednesday, November 1.

About Rob Sylvan (http://robsylvan.com)
Rob works with a number of excellent companies in the photography industry. One of his main clients is KelbyOne (formerly NAPP) where he has been the Lightroom Help Desk since Lightroom 1.0 was first released. He is a regular contributor to Photoshop User magazine, writing scripts for their Camera Basics classes. He works behind-the-scenes at Photoshop World, and reviews all of the online video classes before they appear on KelbyOne.

Beyond his work with KelbyOne, he is an adjunct faculty member of the Visual Arts Department at the New Hampshire Technical Institute, and co-owner of The Digital Photo Workshops. He is also a founding member of Stocksy United (a stock photography co-op). Aside from blogging at Lightroomers, he also contributes to Photofocus.com, which has tons of awesome photography news and information.

Don Jin, the BCC Model Studio Group co-chair, will lead a special program on the basics of portrait photography. If you ever wanted to try your hands at a studio photo shoot, this is a great opportunity. The program is geared towards beginners but will be instructive for those who might want a refresher on this topic.  

The program covers studio lighting, equipment set up, metering, camera settings to working with a live model:

  1. Basics of studio lighting (backdrops, strobes, triggers, camera settings, etc.)
  2. Light metering for perfect exposure
  3. Color balance
  4. Lighting setups using 1, 2, and 3 lights
  5. If time allows, the basics of posing and working with a live model
  6. Q&A

Once again members will be putting on mini-programs. Each program will be 10 – 15 minutes in length. The program can be elaborate – or not. There can be recorded commentary, live commentary or no commentary, music or no music. The shows can be about a project, a trip, a body of work, or a topic of special interest of the maker. The format can be black and white or color images, prints, digital projection, or slides (bring your own projector), or video. Precedence will be given to members who have not presented their work before. 

Please submit your presentation topic at Club Programs > Member Presentations 


GALLERY NIGHT (New Program): March 6, Tuesday
Are your photos idling in some repository begging to get out for an evening? Here’s the occasion for your images to leave their storehouse and be seen in public — in their own special exhibit.

When you look through your photos, do you begin to see a theme? Do you have pictures from a specific trip or separate trips that would be best exhibited together? Is there a photo project you’ve been working on that you want to exhibit? Do you have a concept you want to explore photographically that would make an interesting exhibit? 

This is your opportunity to have a photographic exhibit of 10 of your images. You choose the exhibit’s theme/idea/concept. On the event night, your photographs will be projected on the screen. 

Here are the event requirements:

  1. Select and upload your exhibit’s 10 images to the BCC web site
    Submission deadline is Saturday, March 3, 11:30 pm
  2. Print ONE of the 10 images (your choice about print size) and mount on some hard backing so they can  be hung on the wall similar to Latimer Print competition nights — no framed pictures allowed
  3. Create a Bio or Artist’s statement -- limit to one page; print it out
  4. Create an Exhibition Title (should be on the Artist Statement or Bio)

What will happen on Gallery Night?
If you’re an exhibitor, you’ll hang your ONE printed picture along with your printed Bio/Artist Statement on the wall. If you’re uncomfortable writing an artist statement, then create a simple bio about yourself. Once all the prints are displayed, members will have time to view the prints and read the artist statements/bios.Then the lights will dim and the exhibition will begin with every participant’s images projected on the big screen. Each exhibitor will have an opportunity to talk about their image collection as their images are projected.

What is an Artist Statement?
An artist statement should briefly describe how the artist works, and what their work means. It is no longer than a page and can be as short as one hundred words. More information about and how to write your Artist Statement: https://www.gyst-ink.com/artist-statement-guidelines/


Explore your photographic creativity with this year’s project theme: COLOR. Pick ONE color (your choice) — EXCEPT RED. Take as many images as you want. Review your images and select 10 images (5 minimum) that you feel best expresses your color choice.

Submit your images to the competition (go to Competitions>Submit Images to a Competition and select April 17); you may sequence your images for your presentation. On the event night, your images will be projected and you will have the opportunity to talk about your collection. 

The idea is to find innovative ways to express your color choice. Remember that you can use various photographic means to express your color with close up, cropped, filters, lighting, side view, back lit, or out of focus imagery.

For Example—Choosing the color GREEN

Open to all members who participated in a Field Trip this year (2017-2018). Show us your favorite photos from any of the field trips. More details to come...

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